"...for pleasure has no relish unless we share it." 

- Virgina Woolf

We, Cassie Abrams and Dawn Techow, met working for a natural snack food company and during long hours at the office and long hours of marathon training, bonded over our love of eating! We both strive to eat healthy, but we refuse to sacrifice taste, and we prefer real food over processed nutrition. Naturally, our shared love of ice cream turned us into lifelong friends.

Our passion for food and entrepreneurship led us to launch Relish Food Project. We have over a decade of food start-up experience, with expertise in every aspect of the business – sales, marketing, finance, operations, management, human resources, capital-raising – you name it, we did it. Through this, we have a deep understanding of how all aspects of a food business work together, where they often conflict, and how to track key metrics to reach goals. We are proud to be a part of today’s food movement and are excited by the rise in the number of natural and specialty food entrepreneurs. It's an exciting time as food advocates and artisans challenge the status quo. We want to help these companies grow and thrive and be a force for change.

Relish Food Project proudly incorporated in January 2014 as a Benefit Corporation in NY State.

Meet Cassie and Dawn and the rest of our team here.